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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by stan99, Oct 3, 2019.

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    Hello everyone,,
    This is my first post. I've combed through the forums and I think being actively engaged in this online community is going to make or break my growing experience. So here's what I got...

    I got my Roommate last month. I don't have access to clones so I had some quality fem seeds sent from a reputable dispensary back home. I felt that I did my due diligence and researched to the point of being dizzy. I cracked my seeds in ph water, as described in the BCNL grow manual, and placed them in my starter rock wool cubes. I placed these cubes in a styrofoam cooler with an electric heating pad. I tried to maintain the temp between 80-90. Humidity stayed between 30-60%.

    This resulted in only a 25% germination rate. My best answer is that my humidity was too low for germinating seeds. I reset and was able to increase humidity. Once the seedlings were about 1", I transferred them to my roommate, with MH bulb. This will likely come as no surprise to those reading this: MY TEMP WAS WAY TOO HIGH.

    Take 3! I ordered a collar, installed ducting and bought a small fan. My temp stays between 75-85 inside my box, and humidity 35-45%. My plants are now on day 11. They are about 1-2" and have developed their 2nd set of fan leaves. I began hand watering with 1/2 strength of week 1 veg nutes (as supplied by BCNL).

    My plants are now drooping to one side. The leaves look lighter in color than healthy plants I've seen posted. One of the plants is developing small brown spots around the leave edges. They just don't look as healthy as they should be.

    My uneducated noob assessment is that my temp needs to come down and my humidity needs to increase. I raise the humidity now with shallow trays of water and wet towels but I can't maintain a steady humidity above 40%. From all that I've read, my target humidity during veg should be 60-80%. Should I be concerned? With the ducting and fan, the only way I can maintain temps under 85 is by cracking the box door and opening the door to the room itself. If I shut the door to the room, the temps rockets up to 80 or 90. Do I need to invest in a chiller or portable A/C unit if my room is in a house with central a/c?

    Also, did I jump the gun in transferring my seedlings to the box with full lighting? I placed them user lights as soon as they popped their heads out the rock wool. I look forward to getting educated by all you experienced growers out there!!!!!
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    Turn the lights down as low as they go and only feed them pH water without nutes for a while. Your ballast should have a switch to adjust lighting power.

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