How do you dry and cure your harvest?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by McLovin, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. McLovin

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    This is a crucial part of growing and the last thing you need is to mess up after all the expense, time and effort invested.

    There’s plenty of info out on the interwebs and members here have offered up their personal ways in different threads.

    Please share your personal methods and techniques here so it can be easily referenced. Even mistakes that were made may be helpful.
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  2. GreenZ

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    I’m gonna be back home in a week and assuming my plants didn’t run out of water during my trip... I’ll be harvesting and happy to contribute to this thread with some photos/ edited video of my process from chop to jar. It’s the most important part for sure and most tutorials leave ppl with more questions and gaps than answers.
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  3. Farmer J

    Farmer J @onelunggrows

  4. Token_NZ

    Token_NZ Member

    One of the mistakes i made was directly after cutting the stems from the roots. I piled the flowers on top of each other.
    If i were to improve this i would remove the stem from the roots and directly hang it first as opposed to placing on top of other flowers and than hanging to dry.
  5. Token_NZ

    Token_NZ Member

    Ventilation and Air! my hanging line was inside my BC Northern lights box. I did not turn the fan's on for two days and woke, one morning to find condensation inside the box. Im not sure if you can turn on the fan's when the door is open?
  6. Farmer J

    Farmer J @onelunggrows

    Just unplug the ballasts, flip rocker switches to 18/6
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  7. donna becker

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    i have a three tier drying basket hanging from the garage door frame in my garage. Last crop I tried curing too wet, got moldy and i tossed the entire jar in the garbage. Since I have seeds in mine I have to really pull the nugs apart to get all of them out so the dry isnt petty... but tasty. I also toss a 62% Boveda pack in the jars as they cure.
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  8. Green Doctor

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    Never had a problem using the BCNL dryer. 48 hrs dry, 24 sweat in mason jars, 24 dry, 12 sweat, 12 dry, 6 sweat, 6 dry if needed, and into mason jars with 62% boveda packs. Never a problem with mold, and I live in a high humidity climate. Then smoke em if ya got em.
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  9. Token_NZ

    Token_NZ Member

    How do you get seeds in your bud?
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  10. McLovin

    McLovin Harvest No Plant Before Its Prime

    Your harvest shouldn’t have seeds at all unless they hermied on you.
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  11. Token_NZ

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