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Is anyone filling up a BB with 9 plants or fewer?

Discussion in 'Grow Box Q&A' started by SniperSnake, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. SniperSnake

    SniperSnake New Member

    Seems to me that filling all available spots on the flowering side seems to be crowding the box so I've been only growing 2-3 at a time. I have 4 -T5 bulbs in the box if that is helpful to know. Would some please tell me if I'm better off doing it this way or would I experience better yields from filling all 9 openings? And on average what is the average yield from the BB? Thanks
  2. Blindgrinder

    Blindgrinder Member

    It seemed that way to me also, so I tried 5 or 6. The plants had more airflow as opposed to 9, but you still have to use the same amount of nutrients. Eventually, I wound up using a scrog net (2 inch x 2 inch spacing) and growing 9. This seems to give the better results. I put my net about 14 inches above the lid. I hope this is helpful.
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  3. Green Doctor

    Green Doctor Retired and lovin' it.

    I just harvested 5 plants under a 12" scrog. It seemed I got more from 3 plants <12.15 ounces dried bud> We've just started drying these 5 plants
    and I wasn't very fond of the scrog. Going back to the SOG with more plants. The three plants came from seeds, the five came from clones.
    Too many variables.
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  4. SniperSnake

    SniperSnake New Member

    Would you have a picture of the scrog netting and how it's setup? I've had 2 from seed that have filled up the box
  5. SniperSnake

    SniperSnake New Member

    whats the difference between sog and scrog ? Any reference pictures would be very helpful thanks.
  6. Green Doctor

    Green Doctor Retired and lovin' it.

    Sorry, but I can't upload to this site. Serenity Reef used to do it for me, but he's flown the coup. SOG = sea of green. SCROG = screen of green.
    Essentially, I built a pvc structure that holds 4X4 square netting on top. To SOG I let the colas come straight up toward the light. To SCROG,
    when the colas hit the netting, I bend them sideways and they mature in the sideways position. I'm curing/drying right now, but I'll have a
    net weight soon.
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  7. McLovin

    McLovin Free Old Hippie

    Generally, my experience has been for better yields with small plants, go with all nine but larger strains have better yields with less plants to allow for growth. Strains dictate this.
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  8. SerenityReef

    SerenityReef The Tinkerer


    IMG_0486.JPG IMG_0487.JPG
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  9. Farmer G

    Farmer G New Member

    This is good info! I'm considering switching to Gorilla Glue, a tall strain, and wanted to know best how to keep the plants from touching the glass.
    Any suggestions on best size netting.

    Doing this method will I have to veg the plants on the right side of my bloom box or can I grow as usual transferring to flower chamber after 4 weeks vegging?

    Best height for the net to stay safely away from the glass?
    I've been growing White Widow and height has rarely been an issue. Average about 12 oz dried bud with 9 plants. What kind of yields can I expect with Gorilla Glue and Scrog netting?

    Thanks for any and all help!

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