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Mantis Buffered Nutrients - Test Run

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by docgreen, Mar 29, 2019.


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  1. docgreen

    docgreen IG: @rangi_kijani

    Thanks @Farmer J. Re-reading my “kickass” descriptor, I realize it was a bit over the top lol. Probably a bit of defensiveness shining through ... another of my personal quirks lol.

    I’m excited to try new strains, especially after the incredible sample smorgasbord of your strains. The robust flavour profiles (which I appreciate and enjoy, but suck at articulating ... can’t do it with wines or cigars either!) and the fragrances blew my mind. On those fronts, Shark is kind of meh. Thanks again for that treat!
  2. docgreen

    docgreen IG: @rangi_kijani

    I hear ya. And, actually, I’m feeling verrrrry good!! Could be weed-related. Lol :cool:
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  3. James Marsden

    James Marsden Well-Known Member

    Sometimes I focus too much attention on saving money or making money. Kind of a quirk of mine. I grew up in a large family and have been dirt poor most of my life. This may account for my need to not "waist" money (waist is a lack of words, if it's making you happy and filling your life than it's anything but a waist)
    You've defenetly pushed out some nice flower and consistency has come with that. Keep on, keeping on brother.
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  4. docgreen

    docgreen IG: @rangi_kijani

    Thanks @James Marsden. I respect and appreciate your comments. Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet with growing over the past couple of years, I can start focusing on efficiency and costs.
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  5. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    The good news is all of you guys being efficient where you are really can drive big savings, in Cali it’s just the electricity costs that are the long pole in the tent. They’re brutal and get worse every year, and I’m stuck here for the long haul. I really don’t understand how ppl in CA running hundreds/ thousands of lights in warehouses with pumps and A/C and fans and scrubbers are profitable at this point. Prices have gone down, margins have gone down, I feel like there’s a secret I’m not in on.

    Even with LEDs and solar, still pushes high costs to grow. But on the flip side of the coin you just don’t know what’s in the shit you buy from stores - stories come out all the time of banned pesticides, alcohol, mold, etc. which I’m definitely ‘not’ down to be putting in my body.

    What really drove me to start back up growing was a store bought edible (I love edibles) that got me sicker than I’ve ever been in my entire life. Genuinely thought I was going to end up in the hospital because I had ingested poison - terrible stomach pain, sweating profusely like my body was trying to flush out something very toxic, feeling like I was going to faint every time I moved because of dehydration, it was terrible. So it’s a total catch 22, costs you more but you love it and enjoy it and it’s a beneficial part of your life.

    BTW - I like everyone’s recent comments on this thread, very good stuff and what it’s all about. If smell isn’t an issue you guys need to start running the diesels, change your life :)
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  6. docgreen

    docgreen IG: @rangi_kijani

    What breeder/strain of diesel would be Uber kick ass??!

    I’m loving this starting moms from seed, taking my time with them, and then clone from them when ready. Mix in a grafting experiment, obviously ;)

  7. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    Sour Diesel, Headband, Chem 91, Original Diesel (daywrecker cut).

    IMO trusted sources for seeds aligning to diesels and diesel crosses would be Top Dawg, Karma, and Dynasty Genetics. I have a pack of Dynasty’s Pineapple Diesel that I haven’t popped primarily because I think the smell will be too intense. I also just checked and they have 2 options of sour d crosses.

    I sent a note to my friend who pretty much only runs headband/chem/OG/diesels and I’ll let you know what he comes back with, maybe he’s got additional ideas. Diesels all have that very potent sour/ gas/ fuel type smell, so it just depends if you like that or not. I love it personally as Sour D is the one strain that I can pick out of a crowd INSTANTLY no matter the setting - I’m like a hound dog on a scent when it hits the air. Happens at concerts all the time, my wife just sees my head turn as I start scanning the room looking for the source.

    Edit: Forgot CSI Humboldt as a seed source too.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
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  8. docgreen

    docgreen IG: @rangi_kijani

    Awesome!! Thanks very much. I’ll start reading up starting with your leads:cool:
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  9. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    Alright talked to my buddy, and he is the definitive source of the truth on this subject. He tried the new flower directly from Prof P at Dynasty (breeder) and while great, not diesely.

    Here’s your list in order for diesels: Top dawg, karma genetics, lucky dog seed co
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  10. sherpasherpa

    sherpasherpa Well-Known Member

    Not that I've ever grown any but, I love headband. And all most any sour diesel cross I've tried so I will be growing them eventually. I use a mail order shop that allows you to get a 1/2P all different strains $750ish and about 100 strains to pick from. As a result I have quite the wish list of strains I would like to grow.
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  11. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    Doc - those diesel recommendations came from this guy (you’re in good hands). This is cookies (forum cut).
  12. docgreen

    docgreen IG: @rangi_kijani

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  13. docgreen

    docgreen IG: @rangi_kijani

    Inaugural Grafting Attempt

    >> this was a fun and informative session! Realistically, given the number of “oopsies” I made in the process, it’s highly unlikely either of these grafts will take. But, I have some ideas for how to tweak the process for the next attempt. I have a bit more donor stalk available from the few SomangoXXL veg’ing in a Pro that I have not yet topped.









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  14. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    Nice work, are they wilted over yet?
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  15. docgreen

    docgreen IG: @rangi_kijani

    1 is.
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  16. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    Well if ones not I think it will take and be successful. I found the ones I tried that wilted right away never survived, but ones that stayed somewhat normal did. I think you’re going to be successful, nice work!
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  17. docgreen

    docgreen IG: @rangi_kijani

    Unfortunately, no go. The XXL held on - seemingly quite nicely, without any immediate wilting - for 24 hrs. Then plop. I was doing checks every 90 min. So it was weird to see how quickly it deteriorated. Couldn’t detect any external stressor. Perhaps because it was such a juicy scion from a new seedling it was able to survive off its own fluid for a period of time.

    I’ll try again next week.
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  18. Green Doctor

    Green Doctor Retired and lovin' it.

    Missed the diesel parts, but to come hook sliding in to home plate, I grew Sour Diesel for the past few grows. When it flowering, people would comment that they smelled weed. So we explained it by we just got some stinky stuff from our health dealer. Even changing out the carbon pellets in the filters. It just plain SMELLS. Great high, but not a good choice for indoor growing.

    We're going to a new strain 2046 sativa. Or it was new when I bought the seeds Lord knows how long ago. LOL
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  19. Green Doctor

    Green Doctor Retired and lovin' it.

    Mantis buffered Nutrients? Hmm, I'll give it a try.

    We don't ship to the United States.
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  20. R.Whitebear

    R.Whitebear Well-Known Member

    Have to switch those cultured solution have mold issues so have mine already in the mail

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