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Nov 22, 2015
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The Tinkerer, Male

I LOVE to help where I can...if you dont feel comfortable posting on the forum, feel free to Private Message me. Dec 12, 2016

    1. McLovin
      Those colors are amazin in your avatar!
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    2. oldhippy
      My plants are dying. My heart is so heavy. I thought I Would make mistakes but never thought I would kill them. I'm lost.
    3. oldhippy
      Hey friend. Are you OK? Your instincts serve you and all of us well. I just want you to know that I believe in you and your guidance. I think it's safe to say you're needed and all of us look forward to you being a part of our growth. You're family dude. You said I could PM you so here I am. Tough times never last, but tough people do. My money is on you. God bless friend.
    4. oldhippy
      Please don't leave us
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    5. SerenityReef
      I LOVE to help where I can...if you dont feel comfortable posting on the forum, feel free to Private Message me.
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    6. SerenityReef
    7. BCNL_Blair
      I am not sure the full spectrum as to what went on with Farmer J, Mclovin and yourself and wish to apologize for not being there to help moderate. We at BC Northern Lights try not to get involved as to let the forum board be unbiased. That being said, I truly wish this was brought to our attention earlier as we do not want to loose members like Mclovin and people like yourself.
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    BCNL Equipment : Bloombox- ridin' on 24's
    Nutrients : Canna : Aqua
    Flower Chamber : Liberty Haze & Rainbow Kush
    : Girl Scout Cookies
    CVault : Durban Poison

    - 02 Grow : 2020
    - Solo 400 : Full Spectrum
    - KIND LED Bar : Flower : Marco & Micro
    - BlueLab : Guardian : Connect
    - DWC Buckets
    - SCROG Screen