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Access to owner forums

Discussion in 'Make Your Requests' started by SonoraStorm, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Fr0stc0ntrol

    Fr0stc0ntrol New Member

    Bought my machine used, so I don't have a rep.
  2. James Marsden

    James Marsden Well-Known Member

    Make a phone call and talk to someone.
  3. SerenityReef

    SerenityReef The Tinkerer

    Ask for Blair , he's helped in the past.
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  4. gregsta

    gregsta Well-Known Mumbler

    personally I'd want the member section to be discreet as possible. Maybe some don't have this problem, but where I'm from you will be hung on a cross if even suspected of participating in this endeavor of enlightenment... :D
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  5. gregsta

    gregsta Well-Known Mumbler

    Try contacting Myles Omand, he's the man, and has always responded back to me.
  6. donna becker

    donna becker New Member

    here I am in 2018 still trying to get into owners forum
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  7. alex R

    alex R Sat. fan

    Sheesh - thats a long wait. All I can suggest again is trying to get hold of Blair on the phone. He's often on the helpline and after I'd waited for months, he sorted it out in a couple of hours. Good luck!
  8. McLovin

    McLovin Free Old Hippie

    Seriously?!? All Blair has to do is login and click a box and you have access. Try calling. And really, all the good stuff is in there. You'll probably regret not doing it sooner. Most people are getting access in a day so you obviously fell through a crack.
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  9. McLovin

    McLovin Free Old Hippie

    Anyone who reads this thread, contact your sales representative for access. If that doesn't work email blair@bcnorthernlights.com.
  10. Hey, as it happens… it was Blair gave me access, too (via my rep Todd) within a few hours of my writing him

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