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Autoflower strain in Roommate - feeding schedules?

Discussion in 'Make Your Requests' started by KPrivacy, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. KPrivacy

    KPrivacy New Member

    Hi! I am curious to know your experiences when it comes to auto flowering strains and hydroponic growing. I have the Roommate. I want to try the LSD Auto from Barneys Farm, which is suppised to be ready in about 7-8 weeks from seed. What would be the feeding schedule for this? Anyone got a clue?
  2. James Marsden

    James Marsden Well-Known Member

    Personally I dont run ruderalis just because of the lack of potency. My thought would be to run veg nutes or no nutrient for the first three weeks but then flip to flower for the last 3 weeks and flush till finished. Seems like the timing is off, the usually flower time is 50+ days. My understanding was that they still veg for three weeks tho?
  3. KPrivacy

    KPrivacy New Member

    Thanks for the reply!
    Well, I was thinking the same regarding yield/potency too, but I find that 4 months+++ with regular/photoperiod seeds is quite a long time because of family visits etc etc, so I am at least trying one cycle with the Lsd Autoflower from Barney’s Farm. I hear great things about it
    It’s not just ruderalis btw, I think it’s mainly indica with a little ruderalis in there to keep the plants low. Sounds great though, right? About 70 days (++ I guess) from seed to harvest. But first I have to get a better understanding of the feeding. Sounds plausible to follow veg for about three weeks as you say. Maybe I just have to wing it a bit and follow the same routine as with regular seeds, but make the flowering weeks shorter..? Or, if I got you right, just follow the weekly feeding schedule for flower from week 1 and flush when the trichomes look ripe.
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  4. James Marsden

    James Marsden Well-Known Member

    Watch the trikes for harvest time, feed flower nutes when the plant shows flowers.
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  5. Green Doctor

    Green Doctor Retired and lovin' it.

    This as good a place as any - I popped five 2046 sativa seeds. I was given a white widow, and an autoflower cheese. I popped all 7 seeds, and all 7 grew into plants.
    Hmmm, there's a first. And the seeds were at least a year old, kept in the fridge. All feminized seeds, all female plants. Ok, good.

    So I went to the flower chamber 18/6 on a MH bulb. Everybody is/are growing great together, but uh oh, the autoflower is starting to flower on its own.
    I guess that's why it's called an autoflower. Not ready to hit the 2046 with 12/12 HPS bulb or flower nutes, nor is the WW ready. Don't know what to do.
    Guess I'll do nothing and keep raising the 2046's and WW until I flip to flower, and let the cheese do what it will.

    I guess that's why BCNL tells us to keep it to one strain...
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  6. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    May want to swap to HPS and run 18/6 til the autoflower is done and then flip lights to 12/12 to flower the photos. Haven’t run autos, but I know a lot of folks run 18/6 or 24/0 for the entire grow.
  7. Green Doctor

    Green Doctor Retired and lovin' it.

    I decided to let the auto cheese do what it will, veg one more week, and go to HPS 12/12. Time to scrog, and thanks
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  8. Green Doctor

    Green Doctor Retired and lovin' it.

    2046's are huge, and not flowering just yet. WW is puny, cheese auto is showing brown hairs. LOL

    Clones did badly. I've lost my touch!!!

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