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I am at my final cycle for my Girls. I am new to growing and now Drying with this dryer how do I used this dryer. Any advice is welcome. These are my first 2 serving girls. Zkittlez 8 week flower 1 week flushing. 2 days until flushing is finished.


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We use our as follows. We trim all our buds after cutting the plants down. We then evenly distribute our harvest over the 3 trays. On the first dry cycle, we run it for 20-24 hours. We then remove the bud and place in large zip lock bags with a hygrometer in each one (we use calibur 2 brand). We then leave in bags for 8-12 hours and then place back in the dryer for 12 hours. We then go back and forth between the bags and dryers until the hygometers are around 60-62%% humidity when left in bags for the 8-12 hours. The bud is then placed in jars for longer term storage.

lots of articles online about humidity and drying. Also, lots here in the forum as well, just do some searches. Drying is critical and give it some time to cure once all done before using it for best taste.


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I do a 12hr or dry to touch in the dryer with the fan on then in mason jars 12hr then back in dryer 8-12 hr fan on or dry to touch mason jars over night than in dryer no fan till dry to touch back in jars so on and so forth for about a week I find after first 48 hr using the fan dries them to fast better curing process for smell and taste this is where the magic happens so don't rush it good growing remember the 2 twist rule with stem