Bubba Kush 1.0


Didn't take a lot of pics cause of the crash. New phone and can't figure out how to take a decent pic. I ran mantis nutrients out of curiosity and the simplicity of 1 bottle. I must have something in my water because I couldn't figure it out for awhile. After lots of reading and diagnosing plant problems they weren't getting enough phosphorus. 3 weeks in I scrapped the mantis and went to advanced. They recovered ok but within 4 days the defiency was getting so bad I almost scrapped it.. Started looking at pics from my first grow and noticed how big the buds were compared to the last two. I dumped the res and put the future harvest back in and the plants came back to life. Lots of purple stems, dry, small nearly crispy leaves despite high humidity. All went away once I started with future harvest. Only problem know is I think there's a little nitrogen toxicity. Dark green, little tip curl. Started week 6 today and geared down to 3/4 strength and cut the nitrogen back to 1/4 strength. Fattest ones in the box to date, so pretty happy so far!


These were around week 4ish of veg.. With mantis. Not saying they're bad but I almost put it on bad seeds! While there is a tiny runt in the back this particular strain liked high ppm and tons of phosphorus. I think it has something to do with leds being so intense the plant can't get enough. So glad the form is back, missed writing about this!


Hey Tim u running a water chiller the thing with mantis it need to be circulating all the time or the ingredients settle and you won’t get the most out of the product mantis is all I use now harvesting todayView attachment 12001View attachment 12002View attachment 12003
Nice!! There was a bit going on. I had the chiller set to 18°c and it never kicked in. With the AC in the house going the box really didn't get hot. The plants weren't consuming anything. For one week the water level didn't drop. I couldn't figure it out. I dropped the chiller temp to 16 and while that kept the chiller circulating I think it was to cold and the reason they wouldn't drink?


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The sweet spot 19-20 if your running LED lights I find when you move them over from veg side just keep light on lowest setting for first week they need the adjustment time otherwise they stress out big time and stop eating then slowly turn it up food for thought personally I love Mantis I just finished harvesting biggest buds to date


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