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CO2 Extraction

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Token_NZ, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Token_NZ

    Token_NZ Active Member

    Does anybody here have any advice about co2 extraction and equipment. I know its fairly expensive setup regarding the process i found this https://medxtractor.com was wondering if anyone tried one.
  2. oldhippy

    oldhippy Kindness rocks. I love you. God bless you.

    Just don't vape until current studies conclude. Folks are dying. I'm liking this setup too. Until I have more knowledge in regards to the effects of vapors I recommend using for edibles. Research brother and be careful. God bless you. I love you and I implore you to be safe in your approach.
  3. Token_NZ

    Token_NZ Active Member

    Yeah iv heard about the black market vapes causing a stir over there in the US something to do with vitamin E? and cutting solutions. Im more interested in extracting CBD for woman cosmetic products :)
    CBD like THC is currently illegal in my country untill 2020. You know what they say first-strike advantages.
    Cheers Oldhippy hope your doing well!

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