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Crop King Seeds

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Keet, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. James Marsden

    James Marsden Well-Known Member

    Crap Kings is what I would call them
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  2. Farmer J

    Farmer J @onelunggrows

    So I know a lot of people here have tried crop King and I have heard different reviews. I probably won't buy from them after reading this thread, and because I have more joti stuff than I know what to do with.

    A couple friends are growing a bunch of crop King gear. They did a bunch of AK autos and Candy Cane autos outside this year. Mixed heights and yeilds. One of the candy cane plants yielded just under half a pound (7.5 oz). We pressed rosin of both strains yesterday and did it ever turn out wonderful. Good returns with beautiful color. The plants were lightly seeded also.
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  3. Farmer J

    Farmer J @onelunggrows

    Wtf I'd like to know how they explained that to you.
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  4. sherpasherpa

    sherpasherpa Well-Known Member

    My first order of crop kings seeds 0/10 on white widow so i called they sent 10 more no questions. I tried 10 autoberry 8 popped but only 4 actually sprouted, i got 20 more cropking seeds but ill be trying someone else next time too.. especially after reading all this, i thought it was all my fault i was failing.
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  5. docgreen

    docgreen IG: @rangi_kijani

    Sorry to hear of your frustrations. I got my first seeds from CKS and have since moved on to other suppliers. I’d encourage you to use your other thread to keep a detailed grow journal (especially now that you’ve mastered pic uploads!) so that members here can coach you through the critical first growth stages. Regardless of seed source, germination requires quite a particular environment for optimal success (re light, air, water, etc). I’ve only germinated seeds once (been cloning ever since) but plan to start new strains soon. So I’ll be following closely :cool:
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  6. Green Doctor

    Green Doctor Retired and lovin' it.

    I had good success with CropKingSeeds. Followed their directions, and got the results they advertised. But the Seedsman's were better yet.
    Don't have a lot of experience with seeds, because cloning is the way to go for me. It's so easy and free. Almost. LOL
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  7. Farmer J

    Farmer J @onelunggrows

    I plan to cut clones next week, should I cut a couple extra for you?
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  8. sherpasherpa

    sherpasherpa Well-Known Member

    I'm from northwestern Alberta about a six hr drive from Loyd.. think they would survive a trip that long? I have to go back on shift right away so i wouldn't be able to anyway, but maybe in the new year i could try and make the journey.
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  9. Farmer J

    Farmer J @onelunggrows

    Anytime man. I traveled about that far a year ago vto get clones from @Bondo. His Rockstar was worth every mile, still have it going. If you want to plan a trip to to pick up clones let me know ahead of time I'll get them good and rooted for you to increase the survival chances.
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  10. chefjeff

    chefjeff New Member

    I have had a single experience with Crop King Seeds. My experience is opposite of yours. I ordered "Blueberry Cookies", and also "Crown Royale". I will be purchasing a Room Mate grow box within 2 months, but presently I am using a grow box from a different company. I followed the other companies directions and simply placed the seeds into the rooting cubes in the box.....and immediately they were bathing in 18/6 of full on light. No exaggeration here, and literally overnight my 4 seeds truly germinated. I've never known from this before, and it was such a thrill.
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  11. Farmer J

    Farmer J @onelunggrows

    Ethos: "crescendo rbxv2" looks insane.
    So does Swamp boys seeds: "lemon royale".
    They say you can't go wrong with Dominion Skunk either.

    So many strains, what a great time period of humanity to live in.

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