Fruity Pebbles.


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I thought they were O2grow emitters. Lol
They used to have bar type airstones. Plants are looking really healthy.
:D TY i thought they looked great also! SOOOO much better than my first grow. Now to keep it going and get a better yield!


4ml patience per gallon
Thanks Chad. I’m so fascinated by these plants lol🥰. I’m still not 100% positive with what I’m doin but I’m sure learning and tryin! I’m grateful for the people and advice this forum allows me.
Oh, this place is the place to be no doubt! The people on here are definitely knowledgeable and with time, people like us will be in that category as well. Till then, I plan on getting by with luck, this forum, and the wonderful folks on it!


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Fruity Pebbles Aug 31 last plant still finishing.
I’m no photographer but hopefully the bud and trich pics will help indicate the sweet harvest spot.
Hope there’s no doubles in there- open to advice!
Am I seeing a touch of foxtail / irregular growth starting?


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