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Discussion in 'Make Your Requests' started by Kimba, May 7, 2019.

  1. Kimba

    Kimba New Member

    So I have tried to use my Roommate but after my seeds germinate pop it’s shell I put inside My roommate put in Veg. For the first week I water in PH water 5.5-6.0 the first 4 was looking great for about 7 days using water then switching to half strength feed Mico Grow Bloom... This kill 3 baby’s 1 lived I stop feeding and switch back to bottle water PH balance plant was looking great I tried 3 more same strain those got sick and still haven’t recovered but the one from the first time still living but roots haven’t came through yet? Any suggestions is welcome. I have had my Roommate since February something and still haven’t used it. Trying to stay positive but if can’t get this got to decide what’s next?
  2. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    See two posts on this, but I’ll reply here.

    Do you have a tray/ dome where you’re germinating the seeds? Are you germinating in RW cubes or something else? Do you have a little T5 type light you’re using to germinate them before moving to Roommate?
  3. Kimba

    Kimba New Member

    I have a small box I bought from Nivera. Soon as it pops the seeds I give it 3 days then I transfer into the roommate.
  4. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    Ok, well a couple of thoughts...

    1 - I think the Roommate lights are way to strong for a brand new seedlings (both the 400w HPS/MH and/or LED).
    2- Seedlings def don’t need nutrients right away, so only worry about giving them 5.5pH water for the first few weeks.

    What I’d recommend is you germinate the seeds in something like this type of propagation tray/ dome with a small light hanging above the dome lid (maybe 24” from seedlings). It doesn’t have to be a T5, could be a simple cfl house light, but keep that light on them for either 18/6 or 24/0. Your seedlings just need to be a little more robust and established before you throw them to the Roommate wolves...then you’ll be all set :)

    A5D7B9BB-5C7D-499F-AEB3-2FC68D45C260.jpeg 30ED2951-65D2-4B43-93D9-1C68DDE8F7E8.jpeg
  5. Kimba

    Kimba New Member

    Ok I am looking on amazon now
  6. Kimba

    Kimba New Member

    Can you use this with and Rockwell cube?
  7. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    How are you growing in the roommate?

    Coco, soil, dwc?
  8. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    Don’t buy on Amazon just yet, they rip you off.

    Let me give you a list
  9. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    10x20 propagation tray (available for $1-$2)
    10x20 clear dome lid (available for like $3-$5)
    Grodan Gro-Smart Tray Insert ($10-$12)
    1.5” Rockwool Cubes (cheap)
    Some type of light like sun blaster 24” T5 or seedling cfl

    These cost a fortune on Amazon, very cheap at any other online hydro shop.
  10. James Marsden

    James Marsden Well-Known Member

    In 20 years I've never used the growdan tray or the 1.5" cube. I've only ever used the 1" flats of 98 cubes.
    The seedlings can be done in the roomy but your have to turn the ballast down on low. I've done it with tones of success but it is over kill. If you don't or can't run a separate light and tray you don't have too.

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