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how tall is the optimum height to finish @

Discussion in 'Grow Box Q&A' started by doctor_J, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. doctor_J

    doctor_J Jrock

    In the producer, what is the height my fellow BCNL peeps are finishing @?

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  2. James Marsden

    James Marsden Well-Known Member

    My best product was 6" from the glass and touching the CFL.
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  3. doctor_J

    doctor_J Jrock

    thanks james, i'm way under that. too aggressive in my scrog(2 weeks of flower) and rocking low 60's for rez temps. Also rocked MH for 1st week of flower.

    Now i have hydroguard i will increase rez temps next run, flip to HPS on flower start, let the girls get to 13.5" before the party begins. .
  4. James Marsden

    James Marsden Well-Known Member

    Just rember most pure indica will still strech 200%-300% hybrids are closer to 300% and Sativa's are typically in the 400% range.
  5. SerenityReef

    SerenityReef The Tinkerer

    2nd week is early as James pointed out. With the reflector are you still in optimum lighting at 6"?

    Low 60's maybe a little low, you'll have to be the judge, but you could slow them down that cold, 68° is where I set my chiller.

    MH is more for veg, but sounds like your onto that and flipping to HPS next run.

    What does 13.5" before party begin means?
  6. doctor_J

    doctor_J Jrock

    13.5 is the height to which i will set the scrog net and then flip to flower when the screen is 75% full.

    Using MH lights is a technique that many growers use to minimize stretch that occurs when the flowering begins. HPS lights induce stretch at the start of flower.

    Im a good distance from optimum lights, i will attach a picture shortly.
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  7. Todd

    Todd Cultivate Kindness!

    Hi guys, TheMH bulb used in first two weeks to stunt growth comment is interesting. Do you have anymore info on it and has anybody else heard this before? Might be a good technique to use in a neccesity.

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