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Just My Thoughts ( trying to help)

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by JIM KESSLER, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Lights are on and running. Looks like it was just the left fan that stopped working. I took the fan from the can filter. For now. Until I can get. Replacement fan. I'll def be grabbing a cpl extra.
  2. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Hopefully its not a fuse or anything else. I'll be keeping a eye on them for sure. For now its a nice relief. Tried bottom feeding. Worked great with the rubbermade tote that the box comes with.
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  3. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    So I been trying to figure out what this is....is this early stages of spider mites :( ?

    Its only on like 3 leaves. Can u see spider mites with the naked eye?

    Screenshot_2015-01-20-05-37-08.png Screenshot_2015-01-20-05-37-26.png Screenshot_2015-01-20-05-41-03.png
  4. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Come to think if it. It may have been caused by a spark. Because I noticed the piece covering the wires fo the fan is burnt looking. Because I see no spots are specs and the underside of the leaves. No webs on the bottom leaves. I hope thats what it is anyway. I guess. I'll watch and see if it spreads.
  5. OneSlayer

    OneSlayer I Have The Munchies

    The plants are looking real good .... Starting to get crowded in there :)
  6. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Thanks man. They starting to get moisture on some leaves. Little water spots. Humidity is at %50. Something to worry about?

    I really think those bite marks were cause by the spark from the fan. Since its only on a cpl. And the damaged parts are on top leaves.

    All the underside of leaves look healthy. No black spots or anything. No webs on lower branches. I noticed a cpl brown specs on some of the top leaves. But they are little pieces of coco flying around from the fans. Made sure lol. They weren't moving. And it def was coco.

    I hope this is the case. And I really think it is. Makes most sense I think.
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  7. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Well it hasn't spread. And I see no other signs of mites. Thank god.

    Starting to get real crowded tho. Should I get rid of on or two?or should it be fine once I lollipop?
  8. Marc

    Marc Well .... it will either work or it won't

    Looks good they will be fine
  9. OneSlayer

    OneSlayer I Have The Munchies

    You should be fine ... Keep them all ... Happy growing
  10. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Screenshot_2015-01-22-08-05-46.png Screenshot_2015-01-21-22-41-55.png
    I thought I saw a little white piece moving on one of the pots while watering today. Could have been tripping out. I was using paper towel to clean the tub. So some of the paper fragments/ dust could have been what I saw. I checked every single plant. Could not see anything moving. Its been since Sunday that I noticed. I .may have a problem. I'm assuming if I had them I would visually be able to see them moving?

    Didn't see anything moving at all. Shook the plants under a piece of paper. Nothing is moving. I'm gonna pick up a 30x magnifying glass today to make sure.

    When shoulfnibstary seeing crystals and flowers forming?

    I fucking hope to god I do not have spider mites.

    Starting to get quite big. 13-14" tall now.

    Is the second pic normal. Are those little dots eggs? I tried to take best pic I could.

    Thanks guys!!!!

    Worried noob here :( lol
  11. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    I also noticed roots coming yo the top of the coco fiber. I topped up the pots to about half a inch to the rim. Is this gonna be a problem?

  12. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Well I got a microscope. Checked a cpl plants before work. No bugs!!!

    The pieces of brown are the coco fibers. Saw nothing but little hairs on the underside of leaf. Looked normal. And those little bumbs I was worried look like crystals forming :)
  13. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure I have fungus gnats. I found one dead one on a leaf. I put it under the microscope and sure enough look like them. Looked at the roots through the microscope. I can see little white things moving back and forth. I'm guessing that's the larvae? This sucks. From what I'm reading. These are very hard to get rid of :(
  14. Marc

    Marc Well .... it will either work or it won't

    That sucks. Probably had them from the cloner.... should let him know. I don't know if you can kill them off with high dose if co2 or not. You will have to do some research
  15. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Yea from.what I have been reading they aren't too bad to get rid of. Its the root aphids that are hard. Apparently some gnatrol should do the trick.

    I only saw one. I looked over all the plants can't see anything else. I looked at the roots and see a cpl things moving back and forth that look like the larvae. Or could be the roots moving. I don't know really. My guess is gnats since I saw a dead one.

    Do you guys filter the intake fans. And if so how? I thought maybe it could have been blown in. Seems strange to only see the 1.

    They are looking very healthy otherwise. Seem to be growing 1/2-1" a day.

    Maybe I'll start using the co2. Week 2 of flowering starts Saturday.
  16. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    I'll take fungus gnats over spider mites any day.
  17. Marc

    Marc Well .... it will either work or it won't

    Ya bugs suck ... hard to get rid of them especially in flower stage.
  18. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Yea it hasn't been a good week. I would expect to see more tho. I guess we will find out. I have been looking at everything under the microscope. Everything else looks normal.

    If I didn't notice this 1 dead one I would have thought everything was normal.
  19. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Still no idea what I got going on. See no pests or bugs on leaves or upper parts of the coco.

    The squiggly white things near the bottom of the pots are what I don't get. They don't look lie fungus gnat larvae. Look to small. No black head or anything.

    They almost look like "eye floaters". But I am positive I am seeing these things move under the microscope. Looks like a tiny strand of hair that's moving in the wind. But white.

    They look like 1/1000 the width of the roots when looking under 50x microscope.

    Any thoughts much appreciated. I went to hydro store expecting to get something g to fight this. But I cant do much without knowing what it is. I have looked up every pest associated with marijuana, and nothing looks like what I see. Like I said closest thing I can describe it as is eye floaters. But not as transparent.

    I'm totally stumped. I did however grab 9" axial fan to put on the right side of the box. As it seems tp be lacking in air movement. Weird that the left intake fan doesn't run while lights are off. Might even grab another to mount near the top of it as well.

    I'm totally stumped guys. I wanna get rid of whatever it is if its bad. Plants are looking strong and growing strong.

    Sorry about the ramble. Just a little concerned.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2015
  20. Marc

    Marc Well .... it will either work or it won't

    Hey noobs I don't know what to tell you if they are that small that you have to use a 50 power scope to see them I would not fret about it. Don't fix it if it ain't broke kinda thing. Just keep a eye on it see if something develops that you can pin a name on. Your plants look real healthy and they will put up a good fight if something is trying to eat on them. Dam you better not ever have kids the nurses will never get a rest....lol
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