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Just My Thoughts ( trying to help)

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by JIM KESSLER, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Screenshot_2015-01-25-08-54-23.png Just curious what temp you guys are running with co2. I have read that you should have the temp from like 82-85. Is that correct?

    So my dehumidifier doesn't work too well. In the manual it says if you are using the dehumidifier option, to not run the intake and exhaust through the window. But rather exhaust it in the room.

    Well that doesn't work to well lol. Its just blowing hot air into the room. Right now I got the hot air exhausting out the window. Not sure if that's bad for the unit or not. I'm debating just using the a/c option . but that looks kinda sketchy in the "winter".

    Its so muggy here right now its gross. 15 celcius and 99% humidity. If you call that winter lol.

    The girls are getting big :)
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  2. OneSlayer

    OneSlayer I Have The Munchies

    The ladies are still looking good... I have central air and a de-humidifier so i'm set.... I your case I would just use the ac unit and get a separate de-humidifier ...
    I think that would be best .... during the summer my de-hum. unit takes out 10 gallons a day out of the room.... Happy growing
  3. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Damn it.never ends lol. I'm just gonna use the a/c for Now. That seems to have dropped the humidity quite a bit in the room. I hope Marc is right. Where humidity doesn't matter as much as long as there is good airflow. I'm running out of room whet the box is haha.

    Anyone thoughts on temps? 80-85 with co2 ?

    Been keeping it at 80 so far. Def bigger they get the warmer that box stays for sure.
  4. OneSlayer

    OneSlayer I Have The Munchies

    Air flow is key when the plants are bunched up ... When you get about day 21 of flower I think that's when mark lollipops them.... I'm not at that stage yet lol
  5. Marc

    Marc Well .... it will either work or it won't

    Well I know that here on the farm plants weather they are wheat or weeds start to quit growing at about 85 degrees. I would use that as a high
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  6. Marc

    Marc Well .... it will either work or it won't

    Ya you are not going to have very big flowers till after then anyway. So your mold issues should not be a concern at that point.
  7. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Yea I def see that Now lol. Im gonna grab another 4" fan for the last corner off the box. That way I have air moving everywhere!

    Yea I think I'm gonna do it around the same time. They are def getting really bushy. Too bushy for my liking lol.

    Yea I'm gonna be trying to keep it around 80-82. I have had it consistent at 75-78 . so 80-83 should be perfect with co2. In thought 85 sounded a bit high.
  8. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys

    So I think I need to get rid of one of the girls. I'm not sure if its even a.problem or if again I'm over thinking.

    I did accidently suck up the tips of the leaves with the shop vac . so that explains the tips. But I noticed some other strange things on the plant.

    Screenshot_2015-01-27-07-09-37.png Screenshot_2015-01-27-07-09-34.png

    On the first pic. I looked at that damaged piece under the microscope. It kinda looms like eggs. They are the size of the THC crystals. But slightly whiter. I see absolutely no bugs or anything moving around tho.

    I also noticed a cpl shitty looking leaves on some of the plants. All lower leaves. Most were the original leaves from the clones. Cause I see that they are cut.

    Do I have a start of a problem? I was getting a lot of condensation on the leaves before I added the extra fans.

    I could use the extra room in there. But it feels wrong throwing one away. But if it has something I really don't want it to spread.

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  9. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Here are the shitty leaves that were on some. I hope I didn't do any damage removing them.

    Screenshot_2015-01-27-07-10-05.png Screenshot_2015-01-27-07-09-56.png
  10. Marc

    Marc Well .... it will either work or it won't

    I don't see any problem. The lower leaves are probably just getting shaded. Just leave them and on day 21 when you trim you can really inspect the leaves as the come off.
  11. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Marc! Honestly man, would probably be losing my mind if it wasn't for you.

    I dunno what to do with that one plant. To me it kinda looks like egg sacs. But its like the same size as all the small crystals I see forming. But whiter. Is it something to do because it was damaged?

    Sucks cause its one of.my bigger ones. Bit my gut is saying get rid of it :(

    Feels like I'm getting rid of a child lol
  12. Marc

    Marc Well .... it will either work or it won't

    I really can't see what you are talking about. And if it was bug eggs you would be seeing bugs. With the absence of bugs It leaves me to believe it is nothing to worry about.
  13. Marc

    Marc Well .... it will either work or it won't

    I had spider mites a few years back and they are a pain. I bought a 1000 lady bugs and they made short work of them but there were lady bugs in the basement for months afterwards lol
  14. McLovin

    McLovin Free Old Hippie

    Disclaimer: not my grow
  15. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Yea I def dont see anything moving.

    The parts that I'm seeing the more whitish crystals is the damaged part of the leave. The leaf is almost transulcant where it is damaged. And it look like there is yellow ish coming through.

    They look exactly like crslystals. Just like a milky white.

    Here's how the roots look on that plant.


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  16. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    And I'm guessing these are just water spots ? From when I was getting condensation?

    Its pretty bushy on the lower parts. I'm gonna be grabbing 1 more fan.

    Tried to take a pic of what I'm seeing under microscope lol.

    Screenshot_2015-01-27-08-55-50.png Screenshot_2015-01-27-08-55-55.png

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  17. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Well I decided tp destroy it. Its probably fucking nothing. I do need the room tho. I dunno if I kept it I would constantly be thinking about it. That was a extrmley sad moment throwing that away. Cause I know its probably nothing and I just destroyed a good plant.

    Fuck my username sure is fitting eh?
  18. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    Doesn't even look like I got rid of one. Lol

    Can't wait to lollipop these. Im positive what I was seeing is just dried condensation they still getting condensation on leaves.

    Screenshot_2015-01-27-16-55-56.png Screenshot_2015-01-27-16-55-56.png Screenshot_2015-01-27-16-55-39.png
  19. Marc

    Marc Well .... it will either work or it won't

    Looks nice what day flower you in?
  20. noob420

    noob420 Well-Known Member

    That is day 10. Starter using the C02 day 8.

    Its OK to use the cfl in flowering correct?

    I shouldn't have smoked pink kush before tending to the girls. Made me to anxious lol. Im pretty sure there was nothing wrong with that plant I destroyed. And ur right its prob from just being shaded and over crowded. I have a total of 3, 4" fans and one 9" pancake fan in the middle. They are all moving now which is nice. Before like 4 plants were moving.

    When can I start seeing flowers? I started to see the little white hairs coming g through a day or two ago.

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