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Discussion in 'Make Your Requests' started by MeSteve, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. MeSteve

    MeSteve New Member

    Hi I've just purchased a BloomBox from a friend, sadly it was stashed away in bits and pieces, with no manuals, how would i go about getting this documentation, I'm in South Africa so it a little difficult to go to the BCNL store.....................please help, thanks!
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  2. Newbie Doobie

    Newbie Doobie Well-Known Member

    On the BCNL website, near the bottom of home page there is a download manual icon
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  3. McLovin

    McLovin Free Old Hippie

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  4. MeSteve

    MeSteve New Member

    Thanks Guys, can't wait to get going, I'm pretty good with my outdoor, we very lucky in South Africa, things grow wild here, just toss a seed on the ground a smidgen of H2O, and boom you in business! You may also be happy to know, that the law now allows us to grow and smoke anything that you grow or produce, on your private property! Seem common sense is starting to prevail!
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  5. McLovin

    McLovin Free Old Hippie

    Some of the best sativa strains originate from your part of the world. Congrats!
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