my plants are dry

Discussion in 'Grow Box Q&A' started by donna becker, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. donna becker

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    I have a year old Bloom box..this is my second season. It appears my timer for my water isnt working...? I Did my daily check and the rock wool was dry in the flower side. Theres water coming from the tubes when I push manual override but that only lasts 20 minutes...hardly enough to keep my plants the tubes dont seem to be plugged. But when I switch it back..theres no water. Any suggestions?
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  2. docgreen

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    The plants are scheduled to be top fed via the drippers once daily for 5 min at 8:45am. Might want to download the BB manuals to review.
  3. donna becker

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    Thanks! I was looking for that very info and couldnt find it. Well gosh darn i that would have been the easiest thing to fix.
  4. Newbie Doobie

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    Hi, the BCNL you tube channel has everything you need to check your timer program, scroll through you'll find detailed information there. Good luck
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  5. donna becker

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    going there now! thanks..

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