Perhaps silly, but serious/sincere.

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    I would dig hearing if anyone has knowledge of B.C. Northern Lights will configure a growbox for....SOIL!
    I had a hydro box from a U.S. company, where the owner was a loose cannon, if ever there was. I opted to never have contact with this company again, and was not quite sure how I would proceed, should I grow again. I ended up stripping out every hydro component, other than fan and lights. I'm growing in a 7 gallon cloth pot. This is "Sheila", and she has been manifolded. I suspect within the week, I will be switching to flowering. I don't know why, but this soil thing has been really lovely. I would appreciate hearing input from anyone in this forum, who might offer up any advice, or what I asked in my opening sentence.
    Take care, and thanks so much

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