Please help with Golden Grow & nutriments


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I’ve successfully produced nice plants for my grow box. However, I can’t find a grow manual for the Golden Grow. I have the technical manual, which helps to figure out how the box works and how to use it.

I have no clue on how to use it when it comes to how much water, nutriments used, quantity, etc…

To those who’ve used the Golden Grow, I would really appreciate your help.




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have the water pump plugged into Always on and air pump off
have the water pump plug into timed watering
And air pump on
I fill my water to a 1" below spray bars about 14 ltrs


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Welcome too the forum lots of good guys to help
When posting give as much info as you can will speed your answer happy growing
type of box,
Nutrients you use
Water type ro ,tap ect
Ph, ppm