Real Life Marijuana Conspiracy


Turn your problems into wisdom
I hear you!! Most of our generation who lived through that big brother atmosphere felt and experienced our Governments betrayal and deceit. It still exists in areas here in the States. When I was a kid we had this one cop we named "Groovy Grover". His whole thing was busting kids with weed. He said he did it because he cared. My gosh. What BS. I never expected weed to become legal. What a difference a day makes. Now I can pick up a phone and have it delivered legally to my home. I can grow it. I can even smoke in front of the cops with no repercussions. Dude, talk about things Old Hippy dreamed of!! Mac, we lived long enough to see this wrong turned around. How many suffered? My goodness, our governments often try to suppress free and forward thinking to the detriment of it's people. I feel both lucky and sad. God bless those who were victimized under the flag of bogus government Bullshit. I love you guys. Be humble and grateful as tomorrow is another day .....