rosin press recommendations.

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I was man handling my press around my basement the other day and the gauge got bumped. It's out about .5 - .6 of a ton.

Today, I went back to the place I bought it and they only have the presses in stock, not individual components/parts. They said I would have to order it and it would take 4-5weeks to arrive at the store. They also had a really nice cart in thier flyer on sale last week, it was out of stock. Online i saw small and affordable auxiliary heaters, so I reluctantly asked again if they had them.
Let's just say I drove 90 minutes for Carl's Jr today.
And my son threw up in the backseat of my truck.

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*Service cart would be awesome for nute changes and misc grow room errands.


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Just thought I'd fix my list for anyone who wants to build there own. I deleted the last one because none of the links worked for @docgreen .

These are links to the items I bought to build mine. I also labled each one so you don't have to click on em to remember each one.

Tap/Drill combo:

Inkbird controller:

Cable Glands:

Floor Flange:

Cartridge Heaters:

Project Case:

Heat sink:

Extension cord:

Wago connectors:

10 ton press:

I also bought a roll of coated wire and strippers at the hardware store. The aluminum my uncle bought at a welding shop and they cut it for me there too.
2 pieces of 3"x 1"x 5" aluminum bar.

If I was going to do it over I would have a larger project box, and a pid/heatsink for each plate.

This complete set up should cost less than $500 Canadian. (Probably just over $500 if you run 2 pid's/heat sinks and a larger project box) I copied the design from a thread on rollitup called "DiY rosin press for under $275" by user @GreenGene. He used to have a YouTube video on him building it and squishing a whole ounce of blackberry cream. YouTube bastards took down the video before I received all the parts in the mail. In this thread I have a pick of how I wrote out directions to wire the pid, relay, cartridge heaters and thermocouple.
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I'm watching it right now, he completely re did the video because he had so many requests after the first video was taken down. Notice he is very careful to not takt about cannabis at all.
I did not trim my floor Flange like he did.

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I find the way I wrote out the wiring much less confusing than his diagram, but use what works best for you.
Side notes:
-I only used 1 heater per plate, my plates don't heat as fast, old video he did 1/plate
-did not ground my plates, I don't leave the room when it's on.
- the ram on my press was almost the same diameter as the inside of the floor flange. I used a die grinder to grind it until it was very snug and I pressed the ram into it. I didn't put set screws.
-i didn't put electrical tape over my positive and negative relay posts

So whatever you guys want to use this for.... Lol

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How are you guys pressing?
Here is a breakdown of how I am currently squishing.
-Temp 180°F~210°F
-Cut an fold parchment paper
-Place bud puck or bag directly below ram
-Pump handle until needle on gauge rises
-Start stopwatch on phone
-Every 15 seconds I give the handle one slow pump, until reached 5 1/2 ton
-Hold 15~30 seconds (notice resin flow stops)
-Release press
-Remove sheet
-Open parchment
-Remove bud puck or bag
-Scrape up rosin (some strains are better to scrape with an ice pack below the parchment

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Cold pre-pressing plant material for rosin (my method):
start with pre press mold base

Install mold body

Place parchment paper inside mold

Add frozen/dry plant matter

Add more plant matter, fill it up good

Use parchment paper to push plant matter down and into the mold until parchment paper lies inside

Istall mold top

Squish by hand so it fits in the press

Slide out bottom plate, replace with the mold.

With the plates cold, squish the mold
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Pump the handle to about half of the weight using to press (I use 6tons so I prepress w/ 3tons)

Release the press

Remove the top and bottom of the mold

Carefully extract the puck

Peel off parchment paper and freeze until plates are hot
Two bc god bud pucks (sugar leaves and untrimmed small buds) ready to be squished.

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I purchased the pre press from lit extractions $80, I also bought 120micron bags, but I like the press so much I haven't tried them yet. There was no instructions so I just thought I'd post the method I am using, in no way suggesting that this is the only way to do it.


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Pump the handle to about half of the weight using to press (I use 6tons so I prepress w/ 3tons)
View attachment 8115
Release the press
View attachment 8116
Remove the top and bottom of the mold
View attachment 8117
Carefully extract the puck
View attachment 8118
Peel off parchment paper and freeze until plates are hotView attachment 8119Two bc god bud pucks (sugar leaves and untrimmed small buds) ready to be squished.
Awesome pictorial!! Particularly helpful for inexperienced presser wannabees like me! Lol

What does the freezing of the puck do?

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What does the freezing of the puck do?

again, just wanted to say this is only my current method, I don't know any better so this is how I do it.

So I figured most of the best extraction methods use frozen material for example: bubble hash, bho, qwiso, dry ice hash, and super critical co2 extraction, so why not use frozen for making rosin too? I want to make it the best I can do.

I keep my material frozen until it goes on the plate, not sure if there is any merrit to it, but I have noticed that it drops my plate temps for a few seconds, I just believe it is a good practice to use frozen material for making extracts.

( This could be hippy nonsense and I could be creating a stoner myth though, I don't know)

One bonus is the pucks are rock hard so no bits and pieces seem to fall off and they are easy to get center below the ram.
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