Social Distancing


Are we there yet?
Snowed for hours- inch or so accumulation
Funny how weather patterns happen. I’m south of you and got dumped on from the same storm I believe. This is
Binghamton NY that got whacked -


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I love all the picture posts in this thread guys! So cool, no pun intended. This new normal or building back better is a strange period in time but everyone in this community is making the best of it. I hope all of you continue to do your best to stay healthy and happy.


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Old habits never die. glad everyone is living and enjoying life! my best to you all!
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Early Summer 2021 - sharing another view........
I was walking a trail ..... looked up ..............and thought WOW........... this field looks like a painting.


schoolhouse trail.jpg


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It's Beautiful Laurie, your fortunate to live in such a gorgeous area! I'd love to be looking at that everyday! Your blessed!