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stunted growth

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Bones MMC, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Bones MMC

    Bones MMC New Member

    what would cause my crop to stunt it's growth at 10-14 inches? i flipped when they were between 8 and 10 inches, around 4-5 weeks of veg. they are about ready to harvest, at just over 8 weeks of flower.
    trichomes are milky, just waiting to see some amber colour before i cut them down.
    they all have nice buds, but haven't really grown more than an inch or two from flip.

    the roots are dark, so i'm worried i had nutrient lock out, but other than the height, they all look killer.
    i even have two that stayed around 5 inches. they look like a bonsai that is rock solid bud. lol.

    i should mention that i had to keep them in the cloning rack for a few extra weeks, then moved them 600kms in the middle of winter (mid feb), so temps were about -30 but were kept warm under blankets.

    water changed weekly, using future harvest gold package nutes, but mixing the nutes in a juice jug, adding directly to res as i refill with well water ph'd to 5.1-5.5 but have around 800ppm straight from the tap.

    should i have mixed the nutes one at a time into the tub of ph 5.1, then drained into the res? i just didn't want any residual nutes to stay in the mixing tub.

    thanks in advance.
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  2. R.Whitebear

    R.Whitebear Well-Known Member

    Gday you shouldn't pre mix the nutes and your PH should float between 5.5 -6.5 also the height issues could be shock from move or just the strain and whats your room and water temps at?
  3. Bones MMC

    Bones MMC New Member

    room temp kept around 70, inside box is 80-85. water temp generally around 65.

    this is my first attempt using two producers. all holes filled or covered. i will mix my nutes one at a time into the mixing tub then drain into the res from now on. i'm hoping they were just shocked from the move. strains are trainwreck and strawberry cough, but my cuttings didn't make it, so i will be trying king kush next, but will also germinate my king tut seeds for my third cycle. may end up with other clones by then.

    also, i turned down the LEDs during the flowering stage, once the buds started. not sure if that's what to do, or when to do it. just made sense to me.
  4. GreenZ

    GreenZ Well-Known Member

    You want full lights during flower u less you’re battling heat issues or light burn.
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  5. Bones MMC

    Bones MMC New Member

    ok. wonder why they made the LED lights dimmable? i will turn them back up today, they've only been dimmed for the last week. should be almost ready to cultivate.
  6. R.Whitebear

    R.Whitebear Well-Known Member

    Dimmer is used when you put the girls in there at the start so you can gradually turn it up so you dont stress them out with full light that could have contributed to the stunted growth that my 2 cents
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  7. oldhippy

    oldhippy Kindness rocks. I love you. God bless you.

    Not 100% true. If you start from seed the led's should be turned up full blast from start to finish. You use the dimmer when using clones because the clones have probably been propagated using lessor lights and the plants need to adjust to the higher intensity of light the led's produce.
  8. Bones MMC

    Bones MMC New Member

    good to know.

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  9. oldhippy

    oldhippy Kindness rocks. I love you. God bless you.

    You're so very welcome brother. Please forgive me if I've misunderstood .... But, when mixing nutes be sure to mix them in the order listed one at a time in the mixing tub. After you have mixed in all nutes, then adjust the ph. It is cool to premix nutes but keep an airstone in the mixing tub so the mixture stays oxygenated. You know how water tastes flat when it has set for awhile .... You don't want that. Keep things fresh by introducing the airstone.

    Another thing that might be misleading you is the Grow Manuel that came with your system states you should flip to flower at eight inches. This really shouldn't be your focus. During the veg stage the focus should be on root development, not plant height. (If the plants grow too tall while waiting for root development simply top them before you flip) the roots are your plants life line and if you don't take care and time to develop them your plants will not develop as they should.

    Another issue that may have contributed to the lack of growth could be the high temperature inside your box. 78* is optimal. 85* is too warm. Cool it down a bit if you can.

    Next is your water temp of 65*. That is a bit cold. Try for 68* to 70* as this is optimal.

    The more you grow this wonderful plant you will realize your growth as a botanist in kind. Fine tune your grow environment and you and your plants will benefit. Learn to feel your plants and become one with them. They alone will be your guide. Soon, all this will be second nature to you.

    God bless you. I love you. I look forward to your next grow.
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  10. Bones MMC

    Bones MMC New Member

    awesome man, i will definitely be changing a few things for next grow. thanks a lot. so much knowledge here, it's great.

  11. oldhippy

    oldhippy Kindness rocks. I love you. God bless you.

    Pay it forward brother. Kindness is powerful. God bless you. I love you.
  12. Bones MMC

    Bones MMC New Member

    yeah man, will do.
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  13. Token_NZ

    Token_NZ Active Member

    Solid advice right here oldhippy!
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