Tips for taming sativa's in BB


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Hi All

Had my BB since 2016 and been a part time lurker of the forum, this is actually my first post!

Just wanted to ask has anyone got experience with sativa's in their box's? Just in regards to keeping the stretch and height under control. Would be good to hear if anyone has any tips or success stories.

I've given it a go a few times but with mixed results. I'm considering trying Morrocan Beldia from Khalifa Genetics which is a sativa landrace.

I'm not concerned about quantity, just quality and flavor. I use soil and BioBizz nutes.

Things I've tried before are:

- Smaller pots than usual to prevent upwards growth, but at the expense of getting root bound and having to water more often.
- Flip 12/12 earlier
- Use MH bulb during the stretch and then swap to HPS when they start blooming
- Scrog, although a bit time consuming for me these days
- Pinch the tops, tie down


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I grew the tallest sativa I could find at the time 5 years ago that netted me over a pound of buds with one plant. The only downside was they take twice as long to grow but the yield made up for it. The manifold method is the best way to tame these beasts.


Are we there yet?
great thanks for the reply McLovin! Just had a look at the manifold method, I'll give it a go.
It’s been 5 years already but this was the grow journal. Maybe you can get a few tips from it.



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Thanks for the link McLovin, really helpful grow journal. That stretch between the 3rd and 6th week of 12/12 is impressive! You've definetly got a talent there.

I noticed you had used the botanicare hydrogaurd, have you tried their sweet range before? I saw it could be used with soil so for a while I've been considering trying it with my normal nutes to see if it does anything to flavour but I don't know anyone who's used it. I have to say I've not been experimental with nutes, found a range that worked and stuck with.

Also good tip to leave a larger stem when topping to try and prevent any tearing! I wouldn't have considered that.