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  1. GreenZ

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    @zimmy69 Hoping this provides more clarity on what the air pump swap looked like (couldnt figure out how to attach pics in conversation). I’m def a visual learner so thought this could be helpful. Make sure your machine is off and unplugged before starting.

    Here’s what the original air pump looked like, only it had a metal brace over top that had to be removed:

    Step 1: Cut the black power cord on back.

    Step 2: Trace the two cords that were connected to this air pump to figure out which one goes to din rail and which one goes to Airpump shutoff switch.

    Step 3: Cut the power cord on your new air pump (in my case it was the GH Dual Diaphram). Inside you will see 3 wires - black (lead), white (neutral), green (ground). Expose a little wire on the black and white.

    Step 4: Connect the black wire from the NEW air pump to the EXISTING wire connected to the Airpump Shutoff switch. Connect the white wire from the NEW air pump to the EXISTING wire connected to the din rail. Add wire connectors/ cover safely and you’re done.

    (Optional) Step 5: Drill a hole so you can run the new air pump power cord from the Airpump Shutoff switch through the machine (I went down the original air tube slots and out the bottom because my GH will sit outside/ below the cabinet).

    -Make sure your machine is completely unplugged before starting.
    -Identify where you want to put your new air pump and cut the factory power cord appropriately so you leave enough length. Hope this helped!
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  2. zimmy69

    zimmy69 Member

    thank you for you reply and all the pics!
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  3. Shannon

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    Hi everyone , I have been watching this thread and ready to install my active aqua chiller!!
    Question for @McLovin
    So I have picked up 1/2 Id hose (black) for the chiller and have the 5/8 runner grommets and a 5/8 drill bit to drill the holes in my box ...scary
    Problem is that I feel as though the 5/8 drill bit isn’t big enough as it fits through the hole on the grommet... I assume that the grommets will fit but wanted to
    Ask for some advise
    Thanks in advance . Your method @McLovin i feel is the best
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  4. McLovin

    McLovin Harvest No Plant Before Its Prime

    Hi Shannon, welcome to the forum. My method is basic and simple but I’m impressed with how creative other members have taken it to another level.

    Does the grommet slide over the hose snugly?As long as it does, you’re fine. Start out making the holes in the box slightly smaller anyway and then widen them until you get the grommets to fit on. Then simply slide the hoses through. Where are you putting the holes?
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  5. Shannon

    Shannon New Member

    Hi @McLovin
    The grommet does slide over the hose snug... ok makes sense to make the smaller hole thanks
    I’m thinking of putting the holes on the side of the box near center and about 12 inches high. My thought was to go in the side like woodsburner use elbows and drill holes as well through the top of the lid for the flower box. Little different than you but wondering how accessible is it using woodsburners method for res changes. Debating here
  6. McLovin

    McLovin Harvest No Plant Before Its Prime

    Definitely give that a lot of thought before drilling. With HID lighting, the plastic of the reservoir deteriorates over time and becomes brittle. Also consider ease of removing the reservoir if your situation warrants it.
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  7. Shannon

    Shannon New Member

    Thanks these are definitely things to consider for sure. More thought process , then commit and execute
    Have you determined what the best gph work best for pump.? Also I got the 1/10 hp chiller and seems like a lot for the size res in the BB. wondering what works best for you
  8. McLovin

    McLovin Harvest No Plant Before Its Prime

    You’ll be happy with the 1/10. I haven’t heard any complaints about it.

    The pump I find works best for me is the bottom draw 132 gph. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002PXDX0E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_RAcCxbQ45NJ4T
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  9. thestonernerd

    thestonernerd Active Member

    Consider how this modification will impact your ability to raise the lid to access the root zone/pumps/air stones, etc during a grow. It's only my second grow, but I'm peaking under the lid daily. Hopefully as confidence grows there will not be a need for such frequent checks.
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  10. GreenZ

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    One thing is for certain, you’ll love life with a chiller so don’t think about it too much. I tried to take the “I’ll show them” approach with the smarter guys on this forum and get creative with RDWC to negate need for a chiller, but was wrong. I love RDWC, but I really love it with a chiller LOL. I drilled holes and added bulkheads on the bottom of the res, and the issue I found with that approach is unless you drill (bigger) holes through the vents/ sheet metal on the bottom of the cabinet that the bulkheads can fit through, they will raise the res an inch or more so it’s not flush. I still like the idea of going in through the bottom, but the metal with the vents is a PIA to drill through because the holesaw bits get caught on the openings. Other than that, drilling through the boxes isn’t anything to worry about - practice on a piece of wood to make sure the holesaw you’re using is the best fit for your bulkheads and then go to town. GL!
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  11. Shannon

    Shannon New Member

    Thanks @McLovin
    i know this is where I am still thinking. I have a ph controller that I will set up and really only will need to be in there once a week for res change but do want to check roots etc. And Mclovin is concerned about the integrity of the lid after time and drilling into it could compound this??
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  12. Shannon

    Shannon New Member

    Thanks for the advice, little worried about doing this but chilled water is coming
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  13. docgreen

    docgreen #respecttheshark

    You’ve got this! I completely understand the trepidation... I’ve had to to just a bit of tweaking/modifying myself ;) and I can still remember the first time I had drill in hand!

    Looking forward to seeing you over on the Member’s side of the forum :cool:

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