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    Is the extra cost of the pH perfect line justifiable for ease of pH control? Or do other users really notice a difference in quality of the final product with the pH perfect line, up the Connoisseur grade? I will more than likely run out of some of the BCNL GOLD nutes sometime mid next grow and most by the forth grow. I will be looking for the next line, that I can easily source locally or by ordering online.

    I'd like to understand if paying that much for the Connoisseur line is worth it? The guy at my local hydro store says it's not worth it, they don't even carry it, he has to order it specifically. He has cautioned me the feeding schedules are too aggressive and causes a lot of headache until you get it dialed in. I understand these guys may be compensated via vendors for pushing certain new lines, etc.

    So for those using the pH perfect Connoisseur grade, what's the verdict? Other than removing the hassle with pH control, do you find your final product quality has improved to justify the price?

    It looks like even Walmart Online has the pH Perfect Connoisseur line.
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    My verdict is: unquestionably worth it ... for me. Both in terms of pH control and quality (which, of course, are not independent of one another).

    I think that there are many ways to achieve the pH values and shifts necessary for healthy plants. So I don’t suggest the AN pH Perfect nutes are the “best” means to this end. But they sure do provide simple, reliable, and effective pH management.

    So simple, in fact, that I don’t ever check the pH when using this line. Mix it. Install it. Done. I focus my attention instead on TDS.

    The ultimate question of value is a complicated one and will likely be answered differently by individual growers. No different than car shopping really. For some, certain features are a must have and they’re willing to pay the price. For others, not so much.

    In my limited experience interacting with hydro store staff (no stores where I live, so most of my shopping is online), I would take their opinions with a truckload of salt! I find they often offer simplistic explanations that don’t demonstrate much understanding of plant science (eg simply comparing NPK or other label values, and not giving consideration to other ingredients including micro elements and chelators).

    As is the case any time you start introducing new nutes, it’s advisable to go slow and cautiously to see how your plants in your environment respond. No different with the AN nutes. Yes, they’re concentrated. I almost never go above 50% of the max strength noted on the AN base nutes (but run 100% of the optional additives), so I factor that in also when evaluating cost/value. The most common problem I have read about with the AN line is growers attempting to adjust the pH manually. Don’t do it!

    Keep in mind the the Connoisseur line is only one of the AN ph Perfect lines. The Sensi lines (including a specific one for Coco) also have pH Perfect technology (btw, it’s much more involved than “buffering”; AN also utilizes a range of chelators to get the job done). The AN approach is not to hold the solution within a narrow range (eg 5.5-6.5), but rather to allow the plants to uptake the needed nutes even when the solution is well outside of this range.

    I haven’t evaluated the cost-value of Sensi vs Connoisseur lines. On Amazon, Conn is 18% more expensive ($67 for 1 L of A + 1 L of B) than for Sensi ($57).

    There are many great products out there that can produce amazing results. Just look at this forum alone and you can see the variety. Maybe once I gain more experience, I’ll “experiment” with other lines or brands. But for now, I’m getting a lot of bang for my pH Perfect bucks! :cool:
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    Ditto to Docs comments... completely worth it for me as well. This is my fourth nute line I've tried and is unquestionably and by far the best. For me personally, time and ease is the biggest component. I work 60 plus hours a week and cannot check the PH constantly. With two boxes running, the PH perfect nutes have been a true godsend.

    I always crack up when the hydro store guys say "all the nutes are the same". that's like saying all pizza is the same or all apples are the same. I don't take anyone who speaks is gross generalities very seriously. All we have are our own growing experiences to draw upon.

    So far the AN PH perfect line has been unreal for me. I get mine on Amazon, super quick and easy. Try it out and let me know what you think!
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    Speaking of getting them online, I received an order today which was mostly frozen. Slushy sound when the bottle is shaken. Not surprising, given the current weather (apologies for posting this in another thread today. Arguably relevant to both!):


    Called the AN support line and was told only the bennies (Voodoo Juice, Tarantula, and Piranha) will be harmed if frozen. Maybe that’s the same with all lines, not sure. Haven’t had frozen nutes before lol. Anyway, they said just let them thaw and they’ll be fine. :cool:
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    Lots of options! Thanks, guys! I'm going to read up more on the Sensi and Connoisseur pH perfect lines.
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